Pup Pad

Join your favorite Paw Patrol pups on Sea Patrol rescue missions with the Sea Patrol Pup Pad. You can be just like Ryder with this interactive Sea Patrol Pup Pad. Load 1 of the 6 included animated Sea Patrol mission cards into the Pup Pad to trigger each pup’s unique sea themed mission. Push the Pup Pad button and the individual pup images for real sounds and phrases from the show. Paw Patrol is on a roll with the Sea Patrol Pup Pad!

Each pup pad comes with six lenticular mission cards! Slide them behind the Pup Pad’s screen and find out where trouble is in Adventure Bay! Is Baby Seal stuck? Is Cap’n Turbot’s vehicle trapped? Pups to the rescue! To see how the Paw Patrol saves the day, tilt the screen up. With six new adventures and stories for kids to enjoy, the Pup Pad is a great way to engage kids in imaginative play. Call the Paw Patrol using the pup pad, just like Ryder! Push the buttons on the side panel, which feature icons of each pup, and you’ll hear what they have to say! Each button adds a new dimension to the adventure story featured in the animated mission cards. If Chase is on the case in the mission, push his button! Now it’s even easier for kids to imagine they’re part of the pup squad. The pup pad is made for kids. Compact and easy to grip, kids can take it with them wherever adventure leads! The Pup Pad comes with a comfortable plastic strap, so kids wear it on their arm!

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  • Insert the animated mission cards into the Sea Patrol Pup Pad and go on real Paw Patrol sea themed missions!
  • Includes 6 different animated mission cards loaded with sea adventure.
  • Push the pup character images for sounds and phrases from the show.
  • Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Pad is for ages 3+ and requires 2 AAA batteries (included).


  • 1 Sea Patrol Pup Pad.
  • 6 Animated Mission Cards.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (included).