Themed Vehicles – Assortment

Paw Patrol is on the case and now they’re ready to go anywhere in their Sea Patrol Vehicles! These 2-in-1 land and air vehicles transform into boats and submarines in seconds! You’ll find a handy hook with extendable arm, moving water cannon, lifting truck arms, front scoop, or extendable claws, perfect for saving the day. Along with a pup figure, decked out in Sea Patrol Uniform, you’ll also find a bonus sea friend included in each set! Add the entire Paw Patrol Sea Patrol to your collection for exciting missions! Are you ready for action? Then climb aboard Paw Patrol’s Sea Patrol Vehicle and head out to adventure!

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  • Chase’s Sea Patrol Vehicle: Fold out the wheels to roll on land, then fold them in and sail out onto Adventure Bay!
  • Marshall’s Sea Patrol Vehicle: Fold out the wheels to roll on land, then fold in and raise and lower the water cannon to save the day!
  • Rocky’s Sea Patrol Vehicle: It’s easy to go from truck to submarine! Slide the submarine dome over Rocky, close the back door and fold the treads up!
  • Rubble’s Sea Patrol Vehicle: In bulldozer mode, use the moving scoop and rotating drill or transform to submarine by sliding the dome down and flipping the treads!
  • Skye’s Sea Patrol Vehicle :Extend the wings to soar above Adventure Bay, or fold them down and extend the landing gear to safely glide onto imaginary water.
  • Zuma’s Sea Patrol Vehicle: Whiz across Adventure Bay on his speedboat, and then extend the rescue arms to transform into a rescue craft!
  • Each vehicle comes with a pup figure in Sea Patrol uniform, and a bonus sea friend figure! Put your pup in the driver’s seat and team up with your sea friend for even more fun!
  • Paw Patrol’s Sea Patrol Vehicle is for kids aged 3+. Not meant for use in water.


  • 1 Sea Patrol Vehicle
  • 1 Pup Figure
  • 1 Bonus Sea Friend Figure