Beat The Parents Game – 2nd Edition

Beat The Parents Game: Go head-to-head in a battle of household supremacy with Beat the Parents, the fun-filled family trivia game! Prove who’s really the boss in this game of smarts and skills. Parents will have to answer questions about kids’ stuff, and kids answer questions parents should know. As teams answer trivia and move across the game board, they’ll encounter wacky challenges they need to complete.

Kids Go Head-To-Head Against Parents in this fun-filled family trivia game. Watch out for the Bonus or Bust tokens. They can push you ahead or send you back! For a shorter game, play with only one mover per team. Beat The Parents is for 2 or more players, ages 6 and up. No batteries required.


1x Game Board
110x Cards
4x Movers
6x Token
1x Instruction Sheet

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